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2700 W. Hwy 12, Burson, CA  (209) 772-8989
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Cart Away

Northstate DIY (homeowner) concrete delivery systems. If you have been living here awhile, you know there used to be a DIY system that was using dump trailers. NOT a very effective delivery vehicle. It got the job done, but was messy, hard to use, and is no longer available in the area. Northstate saw a need for DIY, and after months of research, found a solution! Northstate Landscape is now a Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc equipment partner in Calaveras County, CA for Cart-Away Concrete.

The Cart-Away 1-yard concrete mixing trailer has been the mainstay of the mid-sized ready mixed concrete industry since 1993.  These portable concrete mixers are simple to operate and have become the go-to tools for contractors, municipalities and more. Using a mixing trailer saves on short load fees that big trucks charge and allows you to control your own time on the project.© Cart-Away Concrete Systems Inc

Northstate uses an On-Site hopper to mix the concrete best suited for your job. After mixing, the concrete is loaded into drum trailers. These 1 yard concrete drum trailers can be towed behind most standard size pickup trucks. You can easily maneuver on the jobsite, and pour on your own schedule, not worrying about paying extra fees to a delivery service.
PLEASE call ahead to RESERVE your trailer and find out if your vehicle can pull with a standard 2" hitch configuration.
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Cart-Away trailer
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Contractor License #784801
2700 W. Hwy 12, Burson, CA (209) 772-8989
OPEN M-F 8:30AM - 4PM, Sat 8:30-3PM Closed Sun
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