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Bulk Soil


Great soil is important for healthy plants. We offer soils made from the best compost for a great start to your Spring or Fall planting. Light, aerated top soil allows precious rainwater to percolate into the ground, providing efficient watering and nutrient rich compounds to the roots, helping your plants and trees grow big and strong.

INTO ORGANIC GARDENING?  North State now offers organic soil available by the yard or by the truck load. If you need large quantities, call ahead.

Our Old Mill Top Soil is composed of 50+ years old Humus mixed with sand and loam. Humus is made through the conversion (composting) of organic materials into a substance that supports living micro-organisms that in turn convert soil nutrients into a form plant roots can use, building healthy, happy plants. Humus wil bring even the poorest backyard soil to life.

At North State Landscape we go to great lengths, or in this case, great distances (over 100 miles) to provide the best landscaping materials available. Greenko premium top soil is a rich blend of sandy loam, peat moss, chicken manure, redwood sawdust, fir shavings, wheat straw, cow manure, horse manure, rice hulls and sand.

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2700 W. Hwy 12, Burson, CA (209) 772-8989
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