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We carry Pacific Metal Buildings (PMB) line of carports, garages, barns and storage units, a leading manufacturer of carports and steel buildings in California.

Pacific Buildings office and primary manufacturing facility is located in Maxwell, California. Beacause of their close proximity to Calaveras County, their staff offers fast customer service as well as experienced installation crews. PMB has manufacturing facilities that enable quick service to customers, providing a quality product at a price you can afford. Their continued product improvement has resulted in many different styles of carports, garages, lean-to, barn and storage buildings.

Standard features inclue 14 gauge frame (12 gauge frame option is available). With a variety of color choices, there is a carport to match any homeowner needs. Options include 12 gauge frame, optional height, enclosed ends, enclosed sides, extra braces & trusses, windows, and walk-in doors or garage doors.

There is a carport for almost every need. Whether you like the Classical Style (perfect for RV or hay storage), Boxed Eave (great side coverage) or the Vertical Style (high snow load areas), you will find a product to your liking. PMB can also build you the perfect shop building, garage, barn or lean-to. Stop by our store in Burson, CA and discuss your needs with us. We have full product sizing and prices available in our store where we can help you select the building of your dreams.

Standard Carports
The Regular Style Carport is the rolled shoulder design, making it less expensive and more sturdy. This design has a 6in roof over hang on each end and comes with the standard horizontal roof paneling only, also has the option of adding horizontal sides & ends or vertical ends.
Most of our design carports are available in many sizes with widths 12x24 feetm height to 16 feet and lengths up to 79 feet.

Regular style carport

Boxed Eave
The Box eave style carport is the A frame roof design with horizontal roof panels.This design has a 6 inch roof overhang on the sides and ends and comes with the standard horizontal roof, but also has the option of the vertical roof. Paneling on the sides & ends can be horizontal or vertical.

As with all our designs, these are available in over 15 colors and may sizes to suit any needs or taste, with trim colrs to match or contrast. Several different anchor types are available for installation on gravel, concrete or asphalt.

Boxed Eave carport

Vertical Style
The Vertical style carport is also an A frame roof design with vertical panels and a 6in roof overhang on the sides, but none on the ends. This style is great for water run-off and highly recommened for areas with snow load. It's design gives the building greater strength and stability of some other designs.
Vertical style carports are available in a variety of colrs and sizes similar to the boxed and classical styles.

Vertical roof carport
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2700 W. Hwy 12, Burson, CA (209) 772-8989
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