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River Rock & Cobble


North State Landscape carries over 50 types of landscape material for all your needs. We have rock, sand, gravel, and irrigation parts for the DIY or you can hire us to design and install a complete new landscape!

River Rock and Cobble are beautiful additions to your yard. The larger sizes are used to make a dramatic statement, or to outline a natural or manmade dry creek. It also allows precious rainwater to percolate into your soil, watering nearby trees and replenishing the groundwater.

We continually search for new and exciting materials to enhance your landscape. To that end, we introduce:
MIXED COBBLE. This colored blend of cobble can be used for dry creekbeds, sidewalk edging, patios, or just about any use you can imagine. As with all our products, call ahead for quantities, delivery options, or current pricing on material.

Click on photos for larger views.

lodi gold pea gravel lodi gold river rock river rock 1.5 inches lodi gold river rock 1.5 inches salt & pepper 3/4 inch salt & pepper rock 1.5 inch size river cobble speckled speckle creek 3/4 inch river rock
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2700 W. Hwy 12, Burson, CA (209) 772-8989
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