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2700 W. Hwy 12, Burson, CA  (209) 772-8989
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Garden Supplies


North State Landscape carries over 50 types of landscape material for all your needs. We have rock, sand, gravel, and irrigation parts for the DIY or you can hire us to design and install a complete new landscape!

Everyone knows that to have a beautiful yard takes hours and hours of work, usually on your weekends or days away from work!  NOT TRUE!  Prepare your soil with the proper nutrients, plant water wise (drought tolerent) plants, and you can spend your weekends fishing, boating, hiking or just enjoying a leisurely day with the family. Stop by North State Landscape and see the large selection in our store. You will be surprised by our competitive pricing, and you can shop locally for all your garden and landscape needs.

As landscape professionals we put our tools to the test. That's why we choose Seymour Midwest tools.
We are a Seymour distributor and offer Seymour, Kenyon, Structron and Midwest Rake tools. You won't find a better tool at any price. Come in an look at our selection and prices. You will be surprised how inexpensive a quality tool costs.
Structrron brand tools
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2700 W. Hwy 12, Burson, CA (209) 772-8989
OPEN M-F 8:30AM - 4PM, Sat 8:30-3PM Closed Sun
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