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Decorative Rocks


If you are not fortunate enough to have a wonderful collection of decorative rocks on your property, fear not; North State Landscape can help!  We select the most beautiful and interesting rock formations we can find, and sell them to you for a lot less than you might imagine. Take a look at just a few examples of our ever changing inventory. Tell us your desires and we will find the right stones to complement your landscape.

More Pastel Rhyolite photos on our Landscape Rock & Gravel

Creating a beautiful rock garden with minimal plants can save you money and work. Take your smaller rock purchases home with you. Combined with our low cost landscape design, you can create your own xeriscape for a lot less than you imagined!

You can design your own rock garden or let us do it for you. While you can buy and place the smaller pieces, we recommend using a professional landscape contractor to place larger boulders in your landscape as this takes heavy equipment, care and practice to make sure they are safe and secure. Using a professional installer with the necessary equipment will ensure your yard is a showplace in the neighborhood.

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2700 W. Hwy 12, Burson, CA (209) 772-8989
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